Inner Tracking

Take your tracking to the inner landscape to discover your true nature that resides  within.  Inner tracking is a process of EXAMINING the faults of who we think we are while uncovering the truth of who we really are.  THis APPRENTICESHIP is designed to reveal those aspects of ourselves that remain hidden and that can be easily missed.  we are going to bring observation and awareness to our inner worlds to learn more about our habitual patterns.  Each of us are like a unique track, a mystery to explore, and with our time together we are going to go on an adventure and follow the trail to discover what resides at the deepest core of that mystery within.  During our time together we will also do some tracking on the outer landscape with the intent of being present to the  internal observations that these experiences stimulate.  These weekends are not intended to teach animal tracking in the way other mindful Tracker OFFERINGS do, although what you will find here is very much applicable to the art of tracking.  Instead The EMPHASIS during these weekends is to use our experiences in nature as a mirror to our own inner world.  What are these interactions reflecting to us about ourselves and our relationships in life?  Our time together is an OPPORTUNITY to allow openness and unknown POSSIBILITIES to CREATIVELY move through us as we embark on the inward journey together.  

3 weekends (Sat. 9am - Sun. 4pm)
6 Participants
Cost: $500

Location: Marlboro, Vermont