A Tracker's Week

This multi-day course is the perfect blend of the “hard’ and “soft” skills of tracking.  The “hard” skills of tracking refer to learning the nuts and bolts of animal track and sign identification.  The “soft’ skills are related more to what is thought of as awareness or observation. Ultimately, there are no “hard” or “soft” skills, There’s just tracking and that’s the central theme of this 5-day course.

The course begins on Monday morning and concludes Friday afternoon.  Throughout the 5-days we will spend our days in the fields, forests, wetlands, and riparian areas immersed in identifying and iNTERPRETING wildlife tracks and signs, as well as following their trails.  In the evenings we'll have some classroom time where we can research and discuss the findings of the day, in addition to INSTRUCTIONAL presentations that will help hone your skills in tracking.   

8 Participants
Cost: $750 (Camping available)