The Mindful Trackers Video

The philosophy of the Mindful Tracker school is rooted in the ground of openness. Tracking, awareness, observation, and mindfulness are all titles used to describe what seem like different activities, but essentially they all lead back to an undescribable quality of all encompassing openness. 

Last Fall, Paul Rezendes and I got together to film a discussion about tracking, observation, awareness, and openness. We produced 11 videos that contain over 4 hrs of footage describing what tracking means to us, but more importantly we aimed to communicate about the limitations of the "self" while pointing to the limitless true "Self".

For those of you who don't know Paul, he spent nearly 40 years of his life dedicated to teaching tracking and produced one of the finest field guides on the subject; Tracking and the Art of Seeing. However, he was moved to communicate about something else besides learning to identify tracks and signs. He was interested in communicating about the realization of our true nature, and he describes his own process with this in his book The Wild Within


For the past 15 years, Paul and I have been exploring the inner and outer landscapes together, and what started out as a typical student/teacher relationship, which was based on learning the skill of animal tracking, has turned into a relationship of friendship, love, openness, and a desire to communicate about who we really are.

The Mindful Trackers videos offer an opportunity to listen in on our conversations and see what comes up for you. We're interested starting the conversation, and we hope to hear what you have to add. For now, I'll leave you with two trailers.  The first trailer introduces the 9 main videos with short excerpts from each video, and the second trailer is centered around some of the themes you will find in videos.  

In the following weeks I will be writing a post to introduce each individual video while offering some comments about the content.



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